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The potential for AI to shape the future of business is still largely untapped, but expectations are high. Startups and Investors are driving us forward, and will come together at AI World. Square One, AI World’s dedicated program for Startups and Investors, offers a unique opportunity to meet the partners who can take your business to the next level.


AI World brings together the entire ecosystem that supports the business of AI. Qualifying startups receive discounted rates to participate.


Showcase your company in our exhibit hall and raise awareness for your brand with your next technology partners.


Take the stage in our dedicated Startup Theater to share your service model or demo your technology.


Our matchmaking tool connects investors and startups for 1-on-1 meetings to build relationships and take companies to the next level.


Our Startup Awards recognize innovative companies moving AI forward. Enter to win and gain invaluable exposure for your team.


Hear from investors the best strategies to grow your business in our dedicated AI Investment forum.


Among the many startups on display, judges chose to recognize Lazarus as the 2019 AI World Startup Awards winner. Lazarus uses patient health data to provide clinical decision support, including early cancer detection. By using its clinical decision support tools, physicians are said to be able to improve their diagnostic accuracy from 76% all the way up to 93%. The company uses deep learning and accesses millions of patient records. The business model is to sell tests and subscriptions for physicians and hospitals, and sell anonymous datasets to insurance companies and research companies.



AINFINITY specializes in cutting-edge technology solutions that combine Artificial Intelligence and ITOps capabilities. Drawing on the industry knowledge and expertise of its parent company, Atlas Systems, AINFINITY has launched an end-to-end solution focused on predicting IT infrastructure (OS, Network, DB, Middleware) issues and resolving them using its rich knowledge library.


AI.Reverie is a simulation platform that trains AI to understand the world. Our platform offers tools to leverage the power of synthetic data to significantly improve the performance of mission critical vision algorithms.

CampTek Software

CampTek Software is an RPA SaaS Provider offering a wide array of services to assist you anywhere on your RPA Journey. Our team of certified experts focus on Bot development, Bot Support and Hosted Support. With over 15 years of experience supporting and developing RPA applications, we are the choice.


CapeStart is an outsourced data preparation services and software development firm that gives data-driven organizations the ability to offload tedious data tasks with confidence. Our mission is to provide you with reliable, knowledgeable and affordable solutions for resourcing your big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence projects.


Machine Learning for everyone! A new software platform that enables anyone with even little or no technical skill to create any kind of model, use it in any application, and to share and improve them with others in the community.


Dedicated Project Managers Our project managers come from extensive careers in data and technology. We understand your requirements inside and out. US-Based Workforce Our remote autism talent is sourced from universities and agencies in the US. Unlike our competitors, we are dedicated to our local communities. Handles Requests at Any Scale Our platform intelligently breaks your request into smaller tasks, and assigns them to the best individuals in our remote talent pool. Performance Guarantees We are proud to guarantee the quality of our work, and offer accuracy at any rate desired by our customers — all the way up to 99.99% puts the power of artificial intelligence in the hands of any business that aims to predict its future. With our automated machine learning platform, analysts can easily build predictive models to enhance every business decision.


The best ways to improve the accuracy of machine learning models are to increase the amount of labeled data ingested and/or re-label existing data. Deep Learning models in particular perform best with meaningful training datasets that contain millions to billions of examples for complex machine learning applications, and it takes months and massive amounts of manpower to get them labeled. By the time the data is labeled, it is frequently already outdated. Jaxon labels data in minutes, eliminating this bottleneck and allowing models to be updated continuously. With self-adjusting pipelines, Jaxon adapts to each organization’s nuanced data and domain-specific terminology. Training sets are created using existing data, as well as new text streaming in from online and internal sources. Jaxon’s Studio allows users to curate meta model(s), tune pipelines, and ensemble labelers to optimize training sets. With Jaxon, machine learning applications make more accurate classifications and predictions.


Kyndi is building the first Explainable AI product and Intelligent Process Automation software for government, pharmaceutical, and financial services organizations. Our product exists because Deep Learning is a "black box" and cannot be used in regulated industries where organizations are required to explain the reason for any decision.


LiquidTechnology is a nationwide provider of IT Asset Management Services. We specialize in performing data center clean-outs, de-installations, consolidations and moves. Our core competencies include: IT asset purchasing & brokerage, project management, compliant data destruction, chain of custody/ reverse logistics, as well as e-Stewards & R2 compliant e-Waste recycling.


ONTOFORCE helps you take good care of your data by transforming siloed data into smart linked data ecosystems to empower data-driven decision making. Our linked data platform DISQOVER builds intelligent links between internal and external data sources, and turns your data, into smart data.


We are hell-bent upon disrupting the IT industry. Specifically in two aspects:

  1. Cut the chaos of current fragmented IT tools and
  2. Eliminate mundane, IT-resource intensive methods - to brew metrics/analytics.

PerceptiMed’s advanced pharmacy automation technologies reduce prescription errors and improve pharmacy workflow productivity ─ from fill to will call. PerceptiMed’s identRx™ uses artificial intelligence for pill verification, ensuring every pill placed into a prescription is correct and simultaneously serves as an ultra-accurate pill counter. IdentRx supports remote verification for telepharmacy.


Roborus is a company that is integrating AI enabled CRM with customer service in cafes, restaurants, and retail shops. We developed software platform for Kiosk and POS that use face recognition technology to classify customers' data such as facial ID, gender, age, and 7 different moods.


TalentSeer is the AI talent partner in the U.S. providing integrated talent acquisition, market research, and careermentorship services. With an engaged AI community and deep domain knowledge,TalentSeer has helped 100+ high tech companies from autonomous driving, to finance, and healthcare at various growth stages to build strong teams.