Conference Highlights

2019 Videos

The Human Strategy with MIT’s Dr. Alex Sandy Pentland

Uber’s Intelligent Insights Assistant with Dr. Franziska Bell

Democracy, Ethics and the Rule of Law in the Age of AI with Paul Nemitz

Enhancing Human Capability with Intelligent Machine Teammates with MIT’s Dr. Julie Shah

AI in Finance: Present and Future, Hype and Reality with Goldman Sachs’ Dr. Charles Elkan

AI in Pharma: Where We are Today and How We Will Succeed in the Future with Sanofi Pasteur’s Dr. Natalija Jovanovic

AI at Work in Legal, News and Tax & Accounting with Thomson Reuters’ Dr. Khalid Al-Kofahi

How AI is Helping to Improve Canadian Lives Through AML with ScotiaBank’s Vishal Gossain

Executive Enterprise AI Innovations Roundtable with 451 Research’s Nick Patience

AI World 2019 Highlights

Kaiser Permanente's Dr. John Mattison Takes a Deep Dive into AI in Healthcare

Exhibitors Describe the AI World Value Proposition

2018 Videos

AI World 2018 Honorary Introduction from Governor Michael Dukakis

Governor Michael Dukakis Discusses Ethics in AI with Barry Nolan

The AI-Enabled Enterprise Is Closer Than You Think

AI as a Brand Differentiator: How Consumer Views of AI are Shaping the Customer Experience Journey

Accelerating Innovation Across the Enterprise CXO Roundtable

Autonomous Cyber Defense: AI and the Immune System Approach

State of International AI Initiatives Executive Roundtable

Practical AI Ethics, Opportunities, and Pitfalls for Organizations

AI: The Force Behind Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The Future of Enterprise AI: Views from the Frontier Panel Discussion

Harnessing Financial Data: How AI Can Make Retail Banking and Payments Better and Safe

AI at Work: from Programming to Learning

Exploiting AI to Drive Business Outcomes

Accelerating Enterprise Machine Learning via Extreme Performance Database Machine

Integrating Machine Learning into Enterprise Business Processes and Products

The Future of Practical AI

Introducing Fractal: An Alternative Route to Machine Learning

AI in Canada

Adoption & Integration of AI in Healthcare

2018 Photos

2017 Videos

AI World 2017 Keynote - Business Decision Making in an “Intelligent” World

AI World 2017 Keynote - State of the AI Market

AI World 2017 Keynote - AI in the Presence of Humans