Why Attend AI World?

Now in our fourth year, AI World Conference and Expo has become the industry’s largest independent business event focused on the state of the practice of AI in the enterprise.

The AI World 3-day program delivers a comprehensive spectrum of content, networking, and business development opportunities, all designed to help you cut through the hype and navigate through the complex landscape of AI business solutions. This year’s event will feature 250+ speakers, 100+ sessions and more than 30+ programs, all focused on a singular mission: to help your company understand how to accelerate your business value through today’s AI solutions.

AI and associated intelligent based technologies have attracted more investments than any other technology market in history (source: Goldman Sachs), yet, less than 10% of global 2000 enterprises have harnessed AI significantly. Early adopters and innovators are pulling away from their competitors (source: MIT Sloan Management Review). To be competitive in the future, your company needs an AI strategy, and there is no better way to develop your strategy than to hear directly from industry visionaries from a multitude of industries.

Attend AI World and learn how innovators are successfully deploying AI and intelligent automation to accelerate innovation efforts, build competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities, and reduce costs.

Reasons to Attend:
  • The AI World conference program is unsurpassed. We are collaborating with independent industry experts to deliver the most comprehensive program in the industry, including IDC, IBM Research, deepsense.ai, Cognilytica, SRI, PARC, and TMA Associates
  • The AI World Executive Summit, hosted by IDC, provides business executives with a strategic look at the state of the practice in enterprise AI across multiple vertical industries,
  • Making AI Trustworthy is a dedicated program focused on helping attendees understand best practices in developing your AI models to be fair, robust, trustworthy, and explainable.
  • Emerging AI Technologies and Cutting-Edge Research – AI World features two dedicated programs that look at emerging technologies likely to have an immediate impact on enterprises and cutting-edge research that will have an impact in 12-18 months.
  • AI & Cybersecurity – Led by Bob Gourley of OODA, who was formerly the CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency, this half day program focuses on the state of today’s AI cybersecurity technology and how it can address adversarial attacks.
  • AI in Customer Analytics – In the future, most customer interactions will be managed by AI technologies. This ½ day dedicated program provides an in-depth strategy for your enterprise to follow to develop the right AI-enabled customer journey.
  • AI 101 for Business Leaders – One of the biggest challenges facing enterprises in their efforts to successfully deploy AI technologies is the overall inexperience that their colleagues have in understanding what is AI and how it can be used to help businesses. Bring your non-technical business colleagues to this special ½ day program and AI World will provide a solid educational platform for helping them understand the many benefits that these exciting technologies can bring to bear at your company led by our experts at Cognilytica.
  • Unparalleled Vertical Industry Coverage – Only at AI World can you find dedicated programs on in-depth coverage in the following vertical industries:
    • AI in Financial Services
    • AI in Energy
    • Personalized Medicine
    • AI in Healthcare
    • AI in Pharma
    • AI in Retail and eCommerce
    • AI in Robotics
    • AI in Telecom and Mobile
    • AI in Manufacturing
  • Industry VisionariesHere are just a few of the industry visionaries speaking at AI World
    • Alex Sandy Pentland, PhD, Professor, Engineering, Business, Media Lab, MIT - In 2012 Forbes named Sandy one of the “seven most powerful data scientists in the world”, along with Google founders and the CTO of the United States, and in 2013 he won the McKinsey Award from Harvard Business Review. He is among the most-cited computational scientists in the world. Prof. Pentland directs MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory and the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program, co-leads the World Economic Forum Big Data and Personal Data initiatives, and is a founding member of the Advisory Boards for Nissan, Motorola Mobility, Telefonica, and a variety of start-up firms.
    • Franziska Bell is the Director of Data Science Platforms at Uber, where she founded the Anomaly Detection, Forecasting Platform and Natural Language Platform teams. In addition, she leads Applied Machine Learning, Behavioral Science, and Customer Support Data Science teams. Uber has one of the most sophisticated AI environments in the world, and Franziska will describe Uber's journey and lesson learned in directing these efforts.
    • Khalid Al-Kofahi, PhD, Vice President, Research and Development. Head - Center for AI and Cognitive Computing, Thomson Reuters - Khalid leads corporate R&D and and Center for AI and Cognitive Computing at Thomson Reuters. Khalid is responsible for defining Thomson Reuters R&D strategy and for partnering with the business to identify and realize product opportunities that could be enabled by AI and machine learning. In his 20+ years tenure at Thomson Reuters, Khalid designed, contributed to and led the development of dozens of market-leading products for the Legal, Regulatory, Tax, Accounting, Financial, Risk as well as the News Industry, globally. Read our interview with Khalid here
    • Paul F. Nemitz is the Principal Advisor in the Directorate General for Justice and Consumers at the European Commission. Previously, he was the Director for Fundamental Rights and Citizen’s Rights in the same Directorate General. As Director, Nemitz led the reform of Data Protection legislation in the EU, the negotiations of the EU – US Privacy Shield and the negotiations with major US Internet Companies of the EU Code of Conduct against incitement to violence and hate speech on the Internet. Paul will address the future of AI and privacy concerns.
    • See more plenary speaker information here.
  • More than 250 industry AI speakers, including:
    • Sol Rashidi, EVP, Chief Data Officer, Sony Music Entertainment
    • David Castillo, PhD, Managing Vice President of Machine Learning, Capital One
    • Khalid Al-Kofahi, Vice President, Research and Development. Head - Center for AI and Cognitive Computing, Thomson Reuters
    • Sumeet Singh, Vice President of Big Data, AI & Location Platforms, Yahoo (Verizon Media)
    • Bahman Bahmani, PhD, VP of Data Science and Engineering, Rakuten
    • Pin-Yu Chen, Research, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, Thomas J. Watson Research Center
    • Vishal Gossain, Vice President, AML/ATF Analytics, Global Risk Management, Scotiabank
    • Sadid Hasan, PhD, MD, Senior Scientist and Technical Lead, Artificial Intelligence Group, Philips Research
    • Srinivaas Krovvidy, PhD, Head, Advanced Analytics Enablement, Enterprise Data, Fannie Mae
    • Victor S.Y. Lo, Head of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Workplace Solution, Fidelity Investments
  • Building Conversational, Customer-Driven Applications – This special program led by Dr. William Meisel, President, TMA Associates, provides a complete overview of how your organization can take advantage of today’s latest NLP and AI technologies to help you build your own digital assistant. Dr. Meisel has authored several reports covering almost 300 industry conversational digital assistant products and has led these workshops for AI World for 3 years.
  • Networking Opportunities - AI World has included more than 15 hours of networking opportunities, including our 1-on-1 Networking service, powered by Brella, which allows you to quickly find and connect with attendees who have similar interests and goals.
  • AI World Table Topic Roundtables led by industry experts, these table topic discussions cover a multitude of AI related subjects in an informal meeting environment, allowing you to meet with colleagues interested in your specific areas of interest
  • Meetups - Meet with New England’s leading meet-ups and special technology organizations who have developed special educational programs for AI World
  • Access to AI research produced by AI World program partners – Conference attendees will receive special reports focused on helping them develop their own blueprint for success at and following the conference.
  • Attend the AI World Expo, featuring exhibits from the leading AI software and solution providers and several expo floor educational programs including the AI World Technology Solutions Theater and the AI World Startup Pavilion and Theater.
  • Hackathon, new at AI World, the AI Data Science Hackathon will bring together innovative data scientists and developers from across the ecosystem to solve real world data challenges in applying artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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